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The RUsecure Security Policy Set

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Information security policies are the foundation, the bottom line, of information security within an organization. As such, it is well worth considering a few questions with respect to them:
Are they comprehensive enough?  For instance, do they comply with ISO17799?
Are they up to date? Are they complete?
Do you deliver them effectively (eg: via the desktop)?

This site introduces a set of policies design to enable you to address all these questions positively and with confidence.


 business continuity templateThe RUsecure Information Security Policies
You can now procure a comprehensive and up to date set of information security policies off the shelf. These can also be tailored to meet specific or individual needs, and are shipped in various formats.

The RUsecure policies are of the highest standard - and they are fully compliant with the international security standard, ISO17799! In addition, because it is recognized that the users of the policies will not themselves be security experts, the following features are included:

Explanatory notes providing background for each Policy
Some of the key information security issues which should be considered when implementing the individual policy in question

In addition to the hundreds of policies, a full glossary of terms is included, to help the user cut through jargon with ease. 

We are pleased to introduce a free 15 day trial of the full policy set (see the download page). When you are ready, simply return to our site to purchase.... only $595 for unlimited use within your organization. Secure online credit card facilities are available.


business continuity template Policy Delivery - The Online Interactive Version
The most direct method of delivering an information  security policy set is via the users desktop. This carries many benefits, including:
Instant availability for the user
Familiar navigation interface.. using Windows, search facilities, etc
The potential to use the power of a PC to make the experience richer and more productive

SOS (Security Online Support) utilizes all these benefits and is designed specifically to ensure efficient delivery of security policies. It also embraces the RUsecure policies described in the last segment. It effectively brings the policies to life!. Once again, you can download the trial version from our download page.

business continuity generator Something for the Security Professional
It is seldom recognized that behind quality security policies is a dedicated security professional supporting them. This is an extremely demanding role.

Because, like any other profession, the job is made easier via the provision of the right supporting tools, we are pleased to provide a unique offering: The Computer Security Professional's Desktop Guide. This provides comprehensive support.... containing a wealth of useful information and guidance. It is rapidly becoming the de facto guide to security management.

Again, we are delighted to offer a downloadable trial copy.... with full confidence that you will find it to be an invaluable aid.


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