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The RUsecure Security Policy Set

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SOS (Security Online Support) is a unique information security policy product. It is designed specifically to ensure efficient delivery of security policies and embraces a comprehensive and quality set of policies.

This product delivers security policies directly to the users desktop in an effective and sometimes entertaining way. It includes a wide range of facilities and attempts to make the message directly relevant to day to day activities. Critically, the policies within are fully customizable.

The SOS interactive policy solution comprises:
A series of computer ĎDesktopí tools, each of which is available from a userís workstation or laptop
A system which identifies the key Information Security Issues and then the appropriate responses / safeguards to those threats; all in 'non technical' language.
A comprehensive database of ready made (but amendable) Information Security Policies delivered, in context, through RUSecure, directly to each userís desktop.
Specific and focused guidance to help establish an appropriate Information Security capability within your organization
A range of diagrams, forms, procedures and registers, available instantly to all, as and when needed
A systems which provides comprehensive coverage of ISO 17799

SOS (Security Online Support) is designed to bring your policies to life!


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