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information security policies The RUsecure Information Security Policies
Whilst information security policies create a solid foundation for both the development and implementation of secure practices within an organization, the policies themselves are all too often neither instructional, nor descriptive. They simply represent the 'rules' which must be adhered to.

Compliance with them, however, actually requires an understanding of not only the individual policies, but also of the circumstances in which such compliance is expected in the 'business as usual' environment. Knowing the Policies is only half of the equation - staff need to know how they should comply, from a procedural perspective.

For this reason, the RUsecure Information Security Policies also include three additional features :-
Explanatory notes providing background for each Policy
Some of the key information security issues which should be considered when implementing the individual policy in question
The related ISO17799 reference(s). ISO17799 is a key standard against which information security can be measured and is growing rapidly in importance. The references within the policies ensure that easy cross referencing is possible, if required.

The RUsecure information security policies are of the highest quality and are designed to be used and referenced..... not just published and filed. 


information security policies Obtaining The RUsecure Information Security Policies
This outstanding set of information security policies can now be obtained online, at a special cost of only $595 for unlimited use within your organization. The hundreds of policies are arranged in discrete chapters, each covering a related set of topics...... Controlling Access To Information And Systems; Controlling E-Commerce Information; Securing Hardware, Peripherals And Other Equipment; Purchasing And Maintaining Commercial Software; Planning For Business Continuity, and many many more.

The sub-chapters within these chapters hold the actual policies themselves - each described clearly and with the important supporting elements described above.

The RUsecure Information Security Policies are provided in both MS-Word and PDF format for convenience. They are fully 'editable' and can be changed or added to with ease.

To obtain the RUsecure Information Security Policies, visit our online payment page.


information security policies, security policies, computer security policies   Order The RUsecure Information Security Policies information security policies, security policies, computer security policies



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